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NoseSecret - Size XS

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  • Reshaping Device
  • No surgery
  • No side effects
  • Perfect‎ Nose within a minute.

Product details

Size : XS
Color : Black
Length : .89"

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What is NoseSecret?

NoseSecret is the only proven non-surgical nose job option with instant results that you can do on your own without the cost or hassle of nose surgery. The nose corrector is simply inserted into your nose to slim and straighten your nose instantly without a nose job, fillers or makeup

How does it work?

NoseSecret consists of a pair of curved and comfortable splints that you place at the inside edge of each nostril to make your nose look narrower and straighter, instantly.

NoseSecret's anatomic form and flexible material allow easy adjustment between the tip and the based of the nose without discomfort. By creating this gentle pressure, the nasal splint holds by itself, lifting the top part of your nose and narrowing the nostrils. The results are a more refined appearance of the nose and ultimately better harmony of your facial features.


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