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NoseSecret Kit S,M,L

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NoseSecret Kit-S-M-L : By purchasing the NoseSecret Kit, you receive a pair of each size : Small, Medium, and Large nose reshapers.

Size : S-M-L
Color : Black
Length :

Purchases of NoseSecret kit qualify for refunds

What is NoseSecret?

NoseSecret is the only proven non-surgical nose job option with instant results that you can do on your own without the cost or hassle of nose surgery. The nose corrector is simply inserted into your nose to slim and straighten your nose. NOSESECRET is a cosmetic product to be used for photo-shoots and special occasions.

How does it work?

NoseSecret consists of a pair of curved and comfortable splints that you place at the inside edge of each nostril to make your nose look narrower and straighter, instantly.

NoseSecret's anatomic form and flexible material allow easy adjustment between the tip and the based of the nose without discomfort. By creating this gentle pressure, the nasal splint holds by itself, lifting the top part of your nose and narrowing the nostrils. The results are a more refined appearance of the nose and ultimately better harmony of your facial features.




When can I use NoseSecret?

Since NoseSecret is easy to insert and remove, with some practice it will take around 20 seconds to complete both tasks. You can use it whenever you want, except when swimming, laying down, sleeping or working out.

NoseSecret is unnoticeable, making it an ideal cosmetic solution for photo shoots and special occasions. However, more people are wearing NoseSecret on a daily basis


Who benefits from NoseSecret?

Men and women around the world are ordering NoseSecret to reshape their nose. Those that experience great results are people looking to:

1. Slim a wide nose

2. Refine a bulky nose tip.

3. Lift a bent nose tip

4. Straighten a crooked nose

5. Enhance the beauty of an ethnic nose (Asian nose, African American, Hispanic, etc.)

6. Lift tip to ease hump (prominence) on the middle area.


Why choose NoseSecret over other non-surgical nose job options?

Recovery from rhinoplasty and the unwanted results of it have made more people open to less invasive and expensive nose reshaping solutions.

While the nose inserts concept is new in the United States, this cosmetic product has been used safely around the world for almost 2 decades.

The main reason why we sell NoseSecret is that, as co-founder of the company, I have tried the nose inserts for over 15 years with great results! We would never back up a product that you are not 100% sure that works as NoseSecret does!

Here are additional reasons to choose NoseSecret:

* Do it yourself nose lift

* Instant and effective results

* Affordable. Reduce nose job cost

* Not invasive

* Unnoticeable

* Safe

* Can carry it everywhere.

* Small enough to fit in your wallet

* Product quality to last.

* Easy to insert and remove

* No painful recovery

* No absent time from work.

* Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


Where to buy NoseSecret?

NoseSecret is currently sold 24 hours through our online nose reshaping store.


How to order?

For better fit and adjustment, NoseSecret comes in 5 different sizes: extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L) and extra large (XL).

To try NoseSecret without the hassle of ordering the wrong size, we sell at a special price of $34.95, three different NoseSecret kits that include a number of sizes that best fit you:

NoseSecret Kit XS, S, M: For a small nose

NoseSecret Kit S, M, L: For an average size nose

NoseSecret Kit M, L, XL: For medium to large noses. Most men choose this size.


Achieve the perfect nose shape in an instant

Comprising high-quality nose splints, NoseSecret is the easiest, quickest approach to reshaping your nose. Available in all sizes and competitive prices, check out product details here. Don't spend insane amounts of money on a nose job. Order NoseSecret.

To Learn more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


General Questions

1. Does Nose Secret really work?

Absolutely, and the best part is that the nose reshaping occurs instantly. Some of my friends have even asked me whether I've had plastic surgery!

2. Is Nose Secret easy to use?

Yes. Following our instructions, you'll learn to use Nose Secret in just a few minutes, and then inserting and removing Nose Secret will become second nature.

3. Do I have to use Nose Secret every day?

No, you don't have to. You can use Nose Secret as often as you want, including every day for short periods of time.

4. How can I choose the right size for me?

Choosing the right size of the Nose Secret corrector depends on the shape and length of your nose.

For your convenience and to avoid the hassle of receiving the wrong size, we offer first-time buyers three introductory kits, each with three pairs of NoseSecret correctors of each size. Choose:

Kit XS, S, M  if your nose is very small to medium size. Asian type of nose.

Kit S, M, L if your nose is small to average nose size.

Kit M, L, XL if your nose is average to large size. Most males and some females with average to large noses order this kit.

You can also "fine-tune" the fit of your size by compressing the Nose Secret reshaping inserts with your fingers. 

5. Where can I see the instructions on how to use Nose Secret?

We have created a page showing the complete instructions for using the Nose Secret reshaper.

6. Can I leave Nose Secret in overnight?

Although Nose Secret is soft and comfortable, it should not be worn to bed, while swimming, showering, or playing sports.

7. Is Nose Secret just for women?

Nose Secret is certainly not just for women - men can benefit from Nose Secret, as well. In fact, many men are already using the Nose Secret nose corrector to improve their appearance. Nobody will notice that you are using it since it goes inside the nose.

8. Is Nose Secret safe?

Yes. Nose Secret is safe. I have been using Nose Secret for over 16 years and have never experienced any problems.

Please follow the nose reshaper instructions for proper use. If you have further questions or concerns consult with your physician.



1. Do you charge sales tax?

Only for orders shipped to a New Jersey addresses.

2. How can I pay if I don't own a credit card?

We have several methods of payments for your convenience. We accept Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union and money orders in US dollars.

For Paypal orders, make your selection at checkout. In addition, please, register your shipping address as the "Authorized shipping address" in your Paypal account to avoid processing delays.

For Money Gram and  Western Union payments, please sent payments to NoseSecret/ Fabiola Diamond. You will create an account and choose money orders method of payment. Then send an email with reference number and amount sent to avoid processing delays. Once the payment is cleared we proceed to ship your order.  Ships same or next day.

For money orders, purchases, create a NoseSecret account and choose money order as methods of payment. Then send us an email when you send the payment. Money orders should be sent to:

Nose Secret
P.O box 188
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

New Jersey residents please add 7% sales tax ($2.45 ). Send total of : $37.40 if you wish to choose free Shipping $43.40 if you wish to choose Priority Mail


IMPORTANT: When entering the billing address, make sure it is the same address as in your credit card statement.

All orders will be shipped to the billing address, regardless. Only customers who have placed orders in the past can choose a different address to ship.

To avoid shipping delays:

  • 1. Please, provide further information of the owner of the credit card that you use to place the order.

  • 2. If you place an order via Paypal, make sure that the shipping information on the order matches the authorized shipping address of your Paypal account.

  • 3. Make sure your address is correct and does not miss any information. 

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (all orders outside the United States)

International orders required credit card validation. Enter information below in the "Comments" box at check out or email us at customercare@nosesecret.com

1. Type of credit card used

2. First 6 digits of your credit card ( to contact credit card institution)

3 . Last 4 digits of your credit card ( to verify buyer's information).

4. A phone number of your credit card company if available ( shown on the back of the card)


Warranty Information

We know you will love NoseSecret but if for any reason you are not satisfied with the results you can return the product within 15 days of receiving the order for a refund.

Since we cannot re-sell returned products due to hygiene and safety issues, there is an associated processing fee deducted from your transaction of $8.99. Expedited shipping charges do not qualify for refund.